We are active members of the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council under number: R415295; a legislative body of the Canadian Federal Government, supervised by the Canadian Ministry of Immigration.

Edison Leider Riaño Martínez and Adriana Marcela Alonso Sandoval, as enrolled agents to the ICCRC-CRCIC, work together with Edwin Martínez Demares, consultant specialized in Canadian Immigration law – CRIC; R415295; recognized by the Ministry of “L'immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) of Québec“ and signed up to the Registry of Immigration Consultants of Quebec. No. 11447. Member of L’Association canadienne des conseillers professionnels en immigration (CAPIC-ACCPI). No. R14085.

You can confirm our active records with the code: RCIC: R415295, at:


Our mission seeks to accomplish three primary objectives:

  • Actively promote, at a national and international level, immigration to Canada and also, all the official mechanisms created by the Canadian Ministry of Immigration, specifically the direct Official Representation to obtain an entry permit for this country.
  • To announce the Bill C-35, emanated from the Canadian government, which expressly prohibits to individuals, student and employment agencies (Employment / Recruiting agencies) to charge for the management of any immigration service and migratory procedure, including Labour Market Opinion or LMO. Only authorized individuals such as: consultants, lawyers, notaries and active members of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), body that regulates all immigration consultants in Canada), can represent natural or legal persons, employees, employers, students or companies in legal immigration proceedings.
  • To advise in a professional, clear and objective way, all those individuals that are looking to obtain a Canadian entry permit, either temporary or permanent.
  • Filter potential candidates interested in immigrating to Canada, according to current laws and regulations.


To position ourselves nationally and internationally, as one of the best ICCRC – CRCIC enrolled agents, thanks to our experience, knowledge and ethics.


1Thousands of people have received decisive support for obtaining their Canadian visa ...
Thanks to the experience of more than 12 years that owns our Regulated Consultant.
2We work in front of Law C 35 of the Canadian Immigration Ministry ...
Which regulates and protects the Canadian Immigration System, in addition to supporting all our postulates wishing to enter Canada.
3We have a team specialized in the different areas of support ...
To support you throughout your visa process, both in Colombia and in Canada.
4Our Regulated Consultant has the appropriate permissions ...
The Federal Ministry of Immigration and the Ministry of Immigration Quebec, to officially represent our candidates. (As long as the profile is previously admissible to the category and the program you are looking for)
5We work at all times against the Code of Ethics ...
Established by the Canadian Government, providing our candidates with honest, efficient, reliable and up-to-date information.
6We make a free preliminary evaluation of your profile ...
Before beginning the process of Official Representation, determining if it is admissible to immigrate to Canada.
7With us You can travel and enter Canada ...
Enjoying a whole world of infinite possibilities!



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Say they have more positive experiences during a normal day (peace, satisfaction for their accomplishments, joy, etc.) than negative ones (pain, concern, sadness, boredom, etc.).

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In terms of employment, in Canada, more than 72% of people between 15 and 64 years of age have a paid employment.

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The average, adjusted, net, per capita, available, family income, is higher than the average OECD income of: USD 44.025 per year.